The Ant? or the Grasshopper? or…

“The Ant and the Grasshopper” is a very famous fable. As you know, the ant works hard and stores foods in summer. But the grasshopper doesn’t work. He sings and plays all the summer. And when winter comes, the ant can survive but the grasshopper can’t. The story teaches us the moral. “Work or die”. […]

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Miracle Escher!!

Do you know Escher? He is one the modern artists. His works are known for their optical illusion. Probably you’ve seen them once. The example(→An example)  is it. A few days ago, I went to the exhibition of Escher. The exhibition’s name is the Miracle Escher Exhibition. I was looking forward to going it. Surely […]

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I want to be a hunter

Japanese are called agricultural people. We have cultivated a field for thousands of years. But is it OK like this? If we remain, agricultural people, we can’t survive under the law of the jungle global economy. We should learn a race of hunters. Fortunately, I have an opportunity to do so. It is the time […]

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Where should we live in JAPAN?

Japanese houses are known for their smallness. I sometimes saw that foreigners refer to Japanese housing situation. They say “Japanese houses are too small.” “They are like mouse cage!” What a shame! It is completely wrong! Japanese houses are large enough. They are as large as dog house. Today, to protest to such wrong criticisms […]

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Do you know Golden Week ?

Do you know Golden Week? Golden Week is the long holidays in Japan. It is from the end of April to early May. In this year, it is from 28th April to 5th May. It is 8days! But is it really sufficient? Only 8days is not enough. We need more holidays. Hence let’s connect Silver […]

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