The strongest December I thought

It is very cold.
December has come.
In Japanese December is written “師走 Shi-Wa-Su”.
“師” means teacher.
“走” means run.
It means that December is very busy so that teachers run around.
Don’t make him run!
Make him rest.
The current December is radically wrong.
We must correct it.
So I remade the whole of December.
Let’s see it.

December 1st
We are exposed highly concentrated December.
And we are infected with acute December syndrome.
When we catch a disease we must rest.
So December 1st must be a holiday.

Most people still didn’t get over from December shock.
We must rest.
So December 2nd is a holiday.

Is it about time to get over?
But be on your guard.
Let’s be on the safe side and rest.
3rd is a holiday.

One more!
One more holiday!
I’ll get serious starting tomorrow.
So 4th is a holiday.

The day is a memorial day.
Because Prohibition was abolished in the day.
(Prohibition is the law prohibiting alcoholic drink in the U.S.A.)
Let’s celebrate with alcohol!

Probably we will suffer a hangover.
Our stomach must rest.

Once in a while , it is good to go to school or work.
So 7th is a week day.

We will be exhausted because we drive ourselves relentlessly for the first time in a while.
But don’t worry.
It is a holiday.

It is International Anti-Corruption Day.
If we go to school or work, our bodies will have been corrupted.
Of course , it is a holiday.

I hear that it is Human Rights Day.
It is execrable to make people study or work.
It is violated human rights.
Needless to say , it is a holiday.

Now it is Christmas Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve!
Let’s prepare for the Christmas party!
So It is a big vacation until Christmas!

Until next year it is the time clearing up after Christmas.
It is the last vacation.

That’s all.
If they are implemented December is no longer “師走”.
Teachers don’t have to run.
They can rest.
But it is not only teachers.
Students also can rest.
The peace is brought to the world.


(Please point out my mistakes in English grammar or my life. I am grateful for everyone’s cooperation!)


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