How should we prepare against Santa Claus?


Today is finally Christmas Eve Eve.
Christmas is coming soon.
And “he” will come.
We must prepare against Santa Claus.

As you know, Santa Claus is a monster of Christmas.
It is very strong and heinous.

Santa Claus and a great King of Terror always comes from the sky.
Terrible air raid will begin.
How do you fight the enemy in the sky?
Probably you will use Patriot antiaircraft missile.


But it is not a good way.
Santa Claus is small‐sized and rapid.
Moreover, it is not made of metal.
It is very difficult to find him.
So NORAD performs Tracks SANTA operation every year.
(NORAD=North American Aerospace Defense Command)
It is impossible for us to destroy him by missiles.
We should wait for his landing.

After he lands, let’s start the action.
There is a proverb in Japan.
“If you want to shoot a general, you must shoot his horse first. ”
If you want to shoot Santa Claus, you must shoot his reindeers first.
Aim carefully, and shoot the reindeers.

Then you defeated the reindeers.
But you can’t defeat Santa Claus.
Because he wears a bulletproof vest.
You should escape into the house.

In the past, Santa Claus used to trespass on a house from a chimney.
But today, he trespasses from an exhaust air duct like a cockroach.

And for some reason, he knows the thing we want.
Probably he gets personal information by a cyber attack.
Today is an awful era.

Moreover, he is very cunning.
He lures us by the thing we want.
But it is a trap.
Don’t approach him.
Have you ever thought why his clothes are red?
If you approach him, his clothes will become redder.

Well,let’s think of the attack method against him.
He looks like very slow.
But don’t be off your guard.
He moves very fast like a cockroach.
And he shoots a shotgun shouting “HO HO HO”.
So many brave soldiers were blown to atoms by Santa.
The frontal breakthrough is a bad way.
It is necessary to think of other ways.

The important thing is to discover enemy’s behavior patterns.
The notable point is that he has a habit to hide something in socks like a squirrel.
He trespasses on the bedroom and searches the wardrobe for the socks.
It is nothing but degeneracy.
Let’s apply a deadly poison sufficiently in the socks.
It is needless to have mercy.
After a minute, Santa will stop moving.

Like this, we can defeat him.
And we will many EXP and treasures.
Probably it is so-called Christmas present.

That’s all.
How do you think of it?
Some people may want to escape from the Christmas.
But the death and Christmas comes to all the people.
We must face it.


(Please point out my mistakes in English grammar or my life. I am grateful for everyone’s cooperation!)


5 thoughts on “How should we prepare against Santa Claus?

  1. Hahahaha….. Love your Santa Claus defence plan. 😀 I told my niece about, a similar plan I have for Santa Claus. It’s to kidnap Santa Claus and take his job. She was not pleased 🙂

    As for a little help with English grammar, I would suggest using the word “of” more. For example:
    Well, let’s think of attack methods against him.

    It is necessary to think of other ways

    The notable point is that he has a habit of hiding something in socks like a squirrel.

    Hope this helps 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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