The conversation with a robot -think of a coexistence with machinery-

I went to National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation the other day.
And I met a robot there.
We discussed various things.
Today I will write it.

The robot is here.20171120211930

She is very elaborate design.
So we can’t distinguish her from mankind.
But she resembles mankind not only in appearance.
But also in intelligence.
She can converse with humans!
Of course, I tried to converse with her.

The conversation started from a greeting.
A greeting is very significant for human relation.
And it is same in the case of a robot.
I greeted cheerfully.
I: Hello!
robot: Hello.
Please ask me anything.
I: Is your life happy?

Is it rude to ask such a question to someone we just met?
I thought I should ask more noncommittal questions.

robot: Please ask me anything.
I: How do you think of the economy of Cambodia?
robot: The question is very difficult.

Umm… She is very fastidious.

robot: Please ask me anything.
I: What is the happiness?

I: You are overthinking.
Give me your smile.20171120211946.jpg

I: Oh… Don’t give me that look…

robot: Please ask me anything.
I: What is the meaning of living?
robot: The remaining time is ten seconds. Nine, eight, seven…

In this way, the conversation ended.
There are some passings each other.
But I think we deepened mutual understanding well as a whole.
Let’s keep up the good work, and “The Terminator” is not sent from future.

(Please point out my mistakes in English grammar or my life. Thank you very much!)


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