How to make a shining ball

Today, I have a good news.
I discovered the way how to make a wonderful thing.
Moreover, it is very easy.
I will introduce it.

It needs few things.
The things we have to prepare are cling wrap and sandpaper.
That’s all.

Firstly, roll cling wrap into a ball.



Secondly, compress it very strongly.


Finally, only one step remains to be done.
Polish it with sandpaper.
Polish single‐mindedly.
Polish! Polish! Polish! Polish!
After a while, we’ll be rewarded with this creation.


And it’s very beautiful!
It needs a few times but it is very easy.
Let’s try it!

I received some opinions.
They say “I can’t do it well”.
So I give you a tip.
The key to the success is “Don’t give up polishing”.
Keep polishing and check a calendar.
And you will find an answer.

(Please point out my mistakes in English grammar or my life. I am grateful for everyone’s cooperation!)


23 thoughts on “How to make a shining ball

  1. I’d been wondering about your long absence from WordPress, but now I understand you were totally absorbed with this new art form. This is a wonderful project, and I’m following your instructions closely. I’m currently stranded on a desert island, and as it happens, the raft I arrived on, had only plastic wrap and sandpaper in the emergency supplies locker. I was very bored with carving faces onto coconuts, so this is a godsend.

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    1. Hi Robert!
      I’m glad you remember me!

      That’s right!
      The reason of my absence is to make a new form.
      It took much time.
      (The true reason is that I ditched learning English… )

      Carving faces onto coconuts seems very fun!
      I will try it!
      I was very bored with polishing a plastic wrap.

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      1. Hi Miroku, yes, of course I remembered, I always enjoy your articles. But I’m also a bit bored with polishing the plastic wrap, and have not yet achieved a beautiful crystal ball. I’ll give it another month or two, and then will go back to the coconuts.

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      2. Well, if you’ve really ditched the English lessons, you can disregard this, but …
        The only changes I would suggest were for these two sentences:
        “Finally, all we have to do is only one..”
        “After a while, we will witness it.”
        I’d suggest:
        “Finally, only one step remains to be done.” or “One final step remains to be done.”
        “After a while, we’ll witness the final result, and it’s beautiful!.” or
        “After a while, we’ll be rewarded with this creation. And it’s beautiful!”

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      3. Miroku, you’re already writing very well, it’s really just fine-tuning.
        “I regained my desire to learn”
        May I re-post one of your stories? I think a lot of people will enjoy reading your posts, (and most of them are far better than me at English grammar!)

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  2. I saw this post. It was hard to believe that a crystal ball could be made this way. I can tell you I don’t have the patience to do such a chore. You must have great patience. Good luck learning English. I think you have a good start. I understand all you have written. Well done.

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