Do you know Golden Week ?

Do you know Golden Week?
Golden Week is the long holidays in Japan.
It is from the end of April to early May.
In this year, it is from 28th April to 5th May.
It is 8days!

But is it really sufficient?
Only 8days is not enough.
We need more holidays.
Hence let’s connect Silver Week to Golden Week.
And we’ll have two weeks holidays.

Do two weeks holidays make us happy?
No, it is not still enough.
One more week, please.
So we’ll have Bronze Week.
Bronze Week is 14days.
Because bronze is cheaper than gold and silver.

It’s about time to want noble metal again.
Therefore I created Platinum Week.
Platinum is very gorgeous!
So it must have 20days.

Until here, they are only metals.
We may get tired of metals.
Probably it is called metal fatigue.
We need rest from metal weeks.
The tiredness of holidays can be healed by only holidays.
So how is Wood Week?
The warmth of wood heals you.

Now we have recovered.
We can enjoy holidays.
Next is Mercury Week.
It makes us flexible like a mercury.
So we’ll enjoy life in more various ways.
But be careful about mercury poisoning.
It is a danger.
Therefore Mercury Week is only 5days.

Are you satisfied with holidays?
Is it still not enough?
Don’t worry.
Look at the periodic table of elements.
There are a lot of metals.
Choose favorite one.
And create your only holidays.

(Please point out my mistakes in English grammar or my life. I am grateful for everyone’s cooperation!)


6 thoughts on “Do you know Golden Week ?

  1. Once we’re bronzed by the sun, and have a nice coppery or golden tan, we can iron our clothes, and steel ourselves to return to work. But if we still have a bit of brass in our pockets, we can stay on vacation until we’ve reached Zirconium, and have spent our last nickel.
    “So we will be able to enjoy more variously.” might be written as “So we’ll enjoy life in more varied ways.”
    Brilliant proposal! Please continue to lead the way.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I love your holiday idea 😀

    The only small suggestion I can make is using “we’ll have” rather than “we get”. For example: Instead of saying “So we get Bronze Week.”, you could say “So we’ll have Bronze Week.” 🙂

    It’s a very well written piece. Well done! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  3. My choice was to take ALL the weeks of the year off, and I will work hard at figuring out names and excuses for them all (I retired last year). Well, maybe I won’t bother.
    There are many good ideas here, so I wonder if you need another week off to rest? Surely, you deserve it!

    Liked by 2 people

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