Where should we live in JAPAN?

Japanese houses are known for their smallness.
I sometimes saw that foreigners refer to Japanese housing situation.
They say “Japanese houses are too small.”
“They are like mouse cage!”

What a shame!
It is completely wrong!
Japanese houses are large enough.
They are as large as dog house.

Today, to protest to such wrong criticisms I introduce Japanese excellent properties.
Those are all great.
Because I carefully chose them.
Let’s view the houses!



This is for the people who like cats.
It looks like a cat.
So cat lovers will like here.
The only weak point is having pets is prohibited here.



This room is revolutionary.
The outdoor unit is in the room.
If the air conditioner cools the air too much, the outdoor unit warms it.
And the outdoor unit warms the air too much, the air conditioner cools it.
It’s a perfect circulation.
It well-adapted to the recycling society.





Probably it is the largest property in Japan.
It is large enough to play badminton.
Its security is also perfect.
Because here is surrounded by the sea.
It’s the natural fortress!
But if the Marines come to land, we have no choice but to give up.


Finally, I introduce highly recommended one.


Simple is best.


(Please point out my mistakes in English grammar or my life. I am grateful for everyone’s cooperation!)


2 thoughts on “Where should we live in JAPAN?

  1. I appreciate your recommendation, and agree that “simple is best.” Such a house would be a wonderful Chamber of Contemplation. and I think badminton would still be possible. But I like the cat-shaped apartment, and would love to live on an island. So perhaps, with enough shovels, we could make a cat-shaped island, with lots of piers for the whiskers.

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