I want to be a hunter

Japanese are called agricultural people.
We have cultivated a field for thousands of years.
But is it OK like this?
If we remain, agricultural people, we can’t survive under the law of the jungle global economy.
We should learn a race of hunters.
Fortunately, I have an opportunity to do so.
It is the time I went to my friend’s home.
My friend’s name is Tsutomu(self-styled).
He likes Western games very much.
And he has such a game.
“the Hunter: Call of the Wild”

images (2)~02images (3)
It is very nice game.
I can learn both English and hunting!
Before I play it, he lectured me the rule of the forest.

Tsutomu: There are some hunting spots(→blinds).

The basis(→plan )  is to ambush preys here.
Animal’s hunch(→instincts) is very keen.
If we chase them haphazardly, we can’t hunt them.
Choose the spot fits the conditions.
All that is left is to wait having a cup of coffee. (→So all that is left to do, is to choose a likely spot and wait drinking a cup of coffee.)

I: I got it.
I try it.

Now it’s show time!
As soon as I had a controller, one boar crossed the screen.
I run max speed having a shotgun.
“Hah…Hah…Hah…(the sound of the middle-aged character pants)”

Tsutomu: Hey! Did you listen to my lecture?!
It is too scary!
It is a horror movie!
Don’t move!
Wait quietly!

I: Oh, sorry…
I couldn’t control myself.
I will do so next time.

But an animal appeared, I lost consciousness.
Eventually, a middle-aged man with a shotgun just run panting about the field this time.

(Please point out my mistakes in English grammar or my life. I am grateful for everyone’s cooperation!)


4 thoughts on “I want to be a hunter

  1. Hi Miroku. It sounds like you’ve learned some important survival skills. And I feel the animals are all very safe.
    I have a suggestion for one possible way to edit the paragraph beginning “There are some hunting spots…”
    “There are some hunting blinds. The plan is to ambush your prey there. Animals’ instincts are very keen. We can’t hunt them by chasing them haphazardly. So all that is left to do, is to choose a likely spot, have a cup of coffee, and wait.”
    This weekend, I did hunt down some wild asparagus, and it was pretty tasty! (In English, it’s an old joke to write of “stalking the wild asparagus.”)
    This is a good post! But I do feel a bit sorry for your avatar, endlessly running around a field. Perhaps he could take a break, sell his shotgun, and buy some hamburgers.

    Liked by 1 person

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