How to make a shining ball

Today, I have a good news. I discovered the way how to make a wonderful thing. Moreover, it is very easy. I will introduce it. It needs few things. The things we have to prepare are cling wrap and sandpaper. That’s all. Firstly, roll cling wrap into a ball.   Secondly, compress it very strongly. […]

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The strongest December I thought

It is very cold. December has come. In Japanese December is written “師走 Shi-Wa-Su”. “師” means teacher. “走” means run. It means that December is very busy so that teachers run around. Don’t make him run! Make him rest. The current December is radically wrong. We must correct it. So I remade the whole of […]

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What the driving taught us

A few days ago, my friend said to me “I got a driver’s license. Let’s go for a drive! “. I replied, “Of course! “. So we went for a drive. That day, we rented a car. The car was very cheap. But it had a car navigation system. It’s very reliable. We started driving […]

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I went to the sea!

I went to the sea with my friend. We love to play on the rocky shore and to catch fish. So I looked forward to that day. Our plan for the day was this. We’d wake up in the morning. And we’d contact each other. We didn’t know the exact time. Because we cannot grasp […]

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